Dear Goose & People,

24 MAR – SAT

I haven’t heard from anyone in so long I wonder if you’re all still there. No one writes – Wish to hell someone would – Can’t be that busy.

Things seem always to get worse, never better – Monsoon’s are here & it’s miserable. Always wet – heat & humidity are terrific.

Today, started out on Convoy to Tay Ninh about 8:00. At about 9:00, at a place called Trang Bang we were ambushed – They did a good job – Blew up several trucks & blew up the track I was on. We had to come back to base camp. We had one wounded.

Last week, a rocket killed two guys from our unit – I had to pick up the pieces – One guy was a pretty good friend – Made me sick but – ??

Only 84 days to go but it seems like a life time. Seems like I’ve been here all my life & never will come home – Guess I won’t believe it when I do.

I get so damned homesick sometimes – like a little kid.

Well, what’s the action there?

SDS taken over Wash. yet?

Bro still balling the teenagers?

Maggot still drinking Borbon & Coke?

What’s Tango November Echo doing?

I’m not taking an R&R. Too much in the way of Stereo equipment to buy.



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