Dear Randy,

I got your letter a while ago and I’m just getting a chance to answer it. You wouldn’t believe all the crap they’ve been throwing at us.

God it was good hear from you. About a month ago I went thru all my papers trying to find your name so I could get a field locator to track you down. I couldn’t find your name, SN, or anything.

I’m in the 7/17 Air Cav. Right now I’m with B Trp which is aero-rifle. I spent seven months with D Trp and I finally got the fuck out. I got sick of sleeping in mud and all that bullshit. B Trp goes out in the morning and comes back at night. It’s nice because of the monsoons.

I’m going to 1049 for the Los Angeles Induction center when I get back but I don’t think I’ll get it. Some base camp commando whose old man’s in Washington will get it.

Man, I’ve lost five friends in the last two weeks. We got ambushed and six of ours were wounded and one killed. He slept in my room. I did everything I could but he was too far gone.

I know what you mean about Oakland I wish I was back there myself.

I got my CMB, air medal, Doc is putting me in for an Army Commendation Medal, and my platoon leader put me in for a silver star because of the ambush the other day. I don’t think I deserve it but my grunts and he think so. It’s a good feeling to know they think that much of you. You know exactly what I mean. I never thought I’d have to be over here fighting a fucked up war like this.

Any way I’m still kicking, so much for hypnosis. You know that dentist was queer as a three dollar bill.

I went to Hong Kong June 3 – 8 and it was out of sight. I’m going back and the girl I had says I can stay at her place.

I’ve still got my handle bars. 1 Colonel, 1 Major, 3 Captains and 2 E-8s have told me to cut it off. I trimmed it a little the other night. I’ve had it too long to cut it off now. I see you still have a moustache. Still have the handlebars? I hope so.

I’ve only got 68 more days left in the field and then I come out. That will give me 11 months in the field. I was here five days and was out in the field, been out ever since. Base camp sucks; This sorry lifers unit is attached to the 4th Inf. Div. They’ve really got their heads up their ass. I’m not in the 4th just attached to it I’m still in the 1st Aviation Bdge.

We got dinks in the wire last night so everybody except the Blues were jumping thru their asses. I’ve been here too long to let a dink excite me.

I’m sorry about Carol but it’s probably for the best. If you’ll pardon my saying so, she probably was a good piece but I couldn’t see you tied down to her for any length of time. Sorry if I offended you.

I don’t look too good in the flick but then I never looked too good. That thing in my hands is my flight helmet. I’m on flight status so that’s an extra $55.00 a month.

You still smoking the killer drug? I’ve been doing beaucoup. It’s going to be hell trying to find decent dew at a decent price back in the world. I certainly hope you haven’t been busted or anything like that. CID has got my name but then they’ve got everyones name and that’s all they have. The 4th Div. says the CAV smokes more than any unit they have. They also say we make contact more often and do more than any of their units. You figure it out, I can’t.

Well my friend I guess that’s about all. Write when you can and keep your ass down.

PS I’m supposed to make SP-5 sometime.

Your Pal,


Base Camp Pleiku & Camp Enari (hand drawn peace symbol)