New Look

Welcome to the new look and feel of this site. Curt McCoy, owner of MFS Design, developed this new theme, we are still working out bugs but is open for business. A wet spring in 2015 should produce a colorful crop of native Kansas wildflowers.

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No Need to Weed

Wildflowers are weeds. Weeds take no care beyond establishing them. (somewhat true in theory) Please do not dig plants  found on private or public land without permission. Cultivate your own from seeds. Start more wildflower plants than you need and plant those on public land. Be sure they are native to your area. Plant wildflowers and trees each [...]

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Lyman Dwight Wooster

I found a collectors signed copy of the "History of Fort Hays Kansas State College" authored by Lyman Dwight Wooster for sale on Amazon and purchased it.  The following is taken from that book. President Wooster reached the retirement age for administrative officers in the summer of 1949 and was retired by the Board of [...]

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Lyman Dwight

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Show Time

Kansaswildflowers has four galleries of about 100 images each displaying the work of Lyman Dwight Wooster. The past six weeks I have played with the format looking for a theme. Nothing clicked so I decided to assemble a mix of colors and not worry about what plant is in what gallery. Professor MIchael Haddock of Kansas State University edited plant identification and other text associated with the flower pictures. His site was my research and spelling consultant. Kswildflwoers is scientific and comprehensive if you need such information and also filled with Kansas wildflower pictures he has taken. Well worth the visit. Learning WordPress and building this site took nine weeks. Sorting nearly 500 slide, reading the text on them, color correcting, and sizing them for the site has been the most time consuming. My web host and general guru Prasad at Melray Technologies saved me countless more hours building the site structure with sage and calm advice. I hope you enjoy the work. […]

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Check my Work.

I did not proof read my prior posts but reading them showed me I need to.

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Most of the images are posted, the text added to each image, located in new galleries; is ready for Prime Time. I misplaced a few slides, some slides have no text but most do and navigation needs polishing but works. My wife Candy will edit my writing and spelling over the next few weeks [...]

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The slides that make up this web site have some writing on them but some are difficult to read and identity numbers are used more than one time. In the past (2002 -1012) I used the flower name to identify the digital file. The old scans were medium quality two weeks ago I started rescanning the them using [...]

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Ready to Go

After 4 days scanning more than 400 images, color correcting them and uploading same, Kansas Wildflowers is open for business. My Plustek  film scanner outfitted with Digital Ice software and the software program "Photoshop" helped me restore their colors. Are they the original colors? Sort of. Modern equipment and software do "black magic" to old pictures using tools based [...]

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Kansas Wildflowers

Welcome. Color slides of Kansas wildflowers taken by my grandfather, Lyman Dwight Wooster, in the late 1940's and all the 1950's are the reason for the site. Working with slow shutters in cameras using slow film he took amazing close-ups of wildflowers in the wilds of western Kansas. This site went live on March 1, 2014. Over 400 [...]

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