I found a collectors signed copy of the “History of Fort Hays Kansas State College” authored by Lyman Dwight Wooster for sale on Amazon and purchased it.  The following is taken from that book.

President Wooster reached the retirement age for administrative officers in the summer of 1949 and was retired by the Board of Regents with the title of president emeritus. Someone has said “Retirement is a misnomer for Doctor Wooster’s life after 1949″. It was at this time that the principles of “responsible living” of which he was such an ardent advocate, became so evident in his own life.

On the campus he returned to the science division and taught classes in Geology. His extracurricular activities were many. This history of Fort Hays Kansas State College is evidence of his interest inn recording  and preserving for others, the story of the founding and development of the college where he spent his adult lifetime.

He was through and through a western man. In the last few years of his life he served as the executive secretary of the Western Kansas Development Association  and as editor of it publication “The West Kansan”. His activities in this connection were channeled in a direction to help others see, in his words, “Western Kansas, a good place to live and work,” a maxim which he carried at the top of the front page. Because of his interest in, his enthusiasm for, and his services to this area, it is fitting to refer to him as “The West Kansan”.

HIS COLOR PHOTOGRAPHIC SLIDES OF KANSAS WILDFLOWERS, sunsets, clouds and other phases of Western Kansas beauty were shared for the enjoyment of many, and they created an appreciation of the beauty of the western plains that for others turned what might have been for them the drab prairie into a place with a beauty peculiarly its own.

He shared his work with the public and now his grandson is doing the same. Ironic?