The slides that make up this web site have some writing on them but some are difficult to read and identity numbers are used more than one time. In the past (2002 -1012) I used the flower name to identify the digital file. The old scans were medium quality two weeks ago I started rescanning the them using flower names to identify the slide. Somehow I put not scanned slides into the already scanned pile and when I tried to separate them it was too difficult. Almost 500 slides comprise the collection and my only solution was to scan them all  again. Even my web host Prasad had no solution! He is really smart but could not overcome careless or stupid. The past 4 days I scanned them again and used the numbers on the slides to identify each unique one. My wife Candy edited my guesses; she is great and we found all mistakes (I hope) and we worked out ways to resolve the conflicts. All must pass thru Photoshop for sizing and final editing but my Plustek film scanner and Silverfast software made the results worth the effort. The new versions should be posted within a week.