Wildflowers are weeds. Weeds take no care beyond establishing them. (somewhat true in theory) Please do not dig plants  found on private or public land without permission. Cultivate your own from seeds. Start more wildflower plants than you need and plant those on public land. Be sure they are native to your area. Plant wildflowers and trees each year and contribute to the world. It needs us.

The following is taken from “Wild Flowers” by Matthias Hermann: The plants seem to have been sown in a profusion over the earth, like the stars in the sky to invite man through the attraction of pleasure and curiosity to study nature; but the stars are very far from us. Plants however are within our reach. They are born at our feet and in our hands, so to speak and the smallness of their essential parts sometimes hide them from us. Botany is the study of a solitary, lazy person. He walks, wanders freely from one to another, reviews each flower with interest and curiosity and as soon as he begins to understand the laws of their structure, enjoys watching them with an effortless pleasure as acute as if it had cost him a great deal. This idle occupation holds a charm which is only felt in the total calm of passion, but which alone at that point suffices to make life happy and gentle. This study has become for me a kind of passion filling the void of all those I no longer have.

Huh? I just like the colors.