Most of the images are posted, the text added to each image, located in new galleries; is ready for Prime Time. I misplaced a few slides, some slides have no text but most do and navigation needs polishing but works. My wife Candy will edit my writing and spelling over the next few weeks and I will inventory the images. I did better with spelling after finding The site is ad heavy but does not charge, that works for me because so much help with any English word is available. The large pink hippo represents well and the color schemes are easy fo Galleries “teaching aids” and “old pictures but not flowers” and my album Woelk Work have not been edited from the original uploads and need work but flower pictures and navigation come first.

Learning Word Press was not easy but I managed to create and fill this site on my first try. Grandfather Wooster left behind many old pictures and those will be added as I review his albums.  Woelk Work will grow over time, after the serious Wooster work is done. His work is the reason I built the site. Tell your friends to stop by for a visit. Watching the slide show on the home page is better than a screen saver. I am playing with the screen dimensions and will change shows as needed.