Kansaswildflowers has four galleries of about 100 images each displaying the work of Lyman Dwight Wooster. The past six weeks I have played with the format looking for a theme. Nothing clicked so I decided to assemble a mix of colors and not worry about what plant is in what gallery. Professor MIchael Haddock of Kansas State University edited plant identification and other text associated with the flower pictures. His site www.kswildflowers.org was my research and spelling consultant. Kswildflwoers is scientific and comprehensive if you need such information and also filled with Kansas wildflower pictures he has taken. Well worth the visit.

Learning WordPress and building this site took nine weeks. Sorting nearly 500 slide, reading the text on them, color correcting, and sizing them for the site has been the most time consuming. My web host and general guru Prasad at Melray Technologies saved me countless more hours building the site structure with sage and calm advice. I hope you enjoy the work.