Dear Carla & Solly,

5 MAY – Thurs.

Got your letter yesterday. I’d been out in the field on a 7 day search and destroy mission, so didn’t get any mail. Thank you Carla for the letter.

The mission was a bitch. We killed 80 NVA and lost one. One too many. It was hot humid & horrible – Treated about 10 guys who were overcome from the heat – No Bath for a week – We’d be so tired at night we’d just lay down on the ground & sleep in the dirt. Glad it’s over – But have another one tomorrow.

Took some fantastic War Pictures – Can’t wait to show you all. When I get home, will have to gettogether & show all my slides to everyone.

So Solly didn’t study much. You better get with it Solly old man. Maybe when I go back to KU, Rich will go to. Then both you & I Carla can stand over him with a whip.

Only 72 days to go. Start planning the parties and buying the Champagne.

Write Soon,


PS Can buy anything in way of stereo components you want could get you very good speakers, Turntable, & Receiver – (Amp & AM-FM Tuner) for about $300 – Worth about 6 or $700 in the world. Would have to buy what I wanted – Would’t be much of a way I could show you.

Get MacDonald or Dual Turntable complete (cartridge, base, & dust cover) for $75 –

Get small (not really) Scott receiver (about 75 Wts) for about $125 – $150 and the best speakers made, Warfdal offer a small but effiecent speaker for about $55.

Of course, you could get Bob to help you plan, but I have all the info & feel I would do great by you if you just let me know what you want & I pick it out.

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