Dear Mom, Val, & Howard,

26 JULY – Sat.

I got the photos of the house & it looks very nice. I think I’ll be crazy about it. I noticed that little bit of “censoring” some body did – Wow – Mom doing cheesecake.

Glad to hear Val got all settled & likes it better. I’ll be over & see you Val as soon as I get home.

Guess What? I got my orders today & my Port of Call (same as a ticket) – Boy am I happy. I leave V.N. on the 17th as I had predicted – didn’t get a “drop” (come home sooner) – But I’m so happy – Got my orders my ticket & I’m ready to go.

I’ll send all my baggage home in about 12 days – The Army Ships it free.

OH YEAH – Mom did you ever receive any of the other things I had ordered?? Worried about that.

I’ll be sending that money order the 29th so you should get it the 2nd or the 3rd.

I caught a hell-ova-cold out in the field. Had to sleep on the ground & we were wet all day & night – Thank God it’s all over.

All I have to do now, is take my replacement around to all our field positions & show him the places. I’M THROUGH IN THE FIELD – ALSO, when my replacement gets here, I’m through period. He’ll be here the 31st or the 1st, so I’ll have almost a couple of days to lay around and relax. (Hope the sun comes out.)


See you Soon

Oh, I leave V.N. on the 17th of Aug & arrive just 2 hours later. (Due to the time difference – we gain a complete day) Plan to be in Topeka no later than the 26th, probably earlier. Thought I’d told you that before

That’s all for now



PS Tell Doris I’m still keen on a party at the Moose.

Sorry they’re having trouble with Mike, but he was pretty much of an IDEAL boy until now. Kids have got to cut loose & show some individualism sometime, & sometimes it isn’t in constructive ways – Mike will come around – He’s sharp enough to know where to stop – That’s the trouble with most parents, they worry about things that haven’t happened yet and don’t give their children enough credit intellectually. (Not true in my case ofcourse)

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