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Vietnam Soldier: A Year of My Life


Thank you to all who served. I dedicate this site to you out of respect for your efforts.
While our tours were different, there remains one commonality — we tried! is not a political site; everyone is welcome. It is constructed with pictures of US Army troops, Vietnam soldiers and Vietnamese civilians. The images are ordered to provide a photographic summary of my Vietnam War tour of duty from 8/15/68 to 8/24/69. They are direct from the battlefield of Vietnam to your computer screen. The narrative with each image will provide some facts of the Vietnam War in short easy-to-read text. I hope you find some fun and humor in them.

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Wow! It is February 2017 and after 13 years, is still alive on the web, Facebook and coming soon to other social media. I started this site in August 2004 with a few of my pictures, and now it has expanded in content variety and includes 16 additional picture galleries. To celebrate, I am installing a new theme that will make it easier to locate content and navigate directly to it. While the current content will stay, I am adding a few new sections.

Chris Woelk – Veteran / Site Curator

chris woelk vietnam soldier - honor flight network golf tournament opening ceremony 2017

Chris Woelk – Honor Flight Network KC Golf Tournament Opening Ceremony 2017