Ken Burns Vietnam Series
EPISODE ONE – September 17′

In September 2017 Ken Burns will release a 10 part series about our war in Vietnam that will use social media in conjunction with the showings and I plan to join in (uninvited) and discuss each showing and document my reactions to some of the topics.
Ken Burns Vietnam Series on PBS

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Wish List

My wish list for Ken Burns and Lynn Novick Vietnam series, starts with; please cover the war in a foreign country called Vietnam separately from [...]

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Ken Burns & Lynn Novick

Young capitalist. Randy Barnes photo In September 2017 PBS will broadcast in 10 parts, 18 hours of a Ken Burns production look at [...]

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My Vietnam – 32,672,800 Seconds

American official involvement with Vietnam began in August 1950 and ended in May 1975. Broken down, 812,160,000 seconds of commitment fell between those dates. My 32,672,800 seconds began in mid-August 1968 and ended in late August 1969. In this book, I’ve written stories about how I, and the men in my battery, filled those seconds. Most of those seconds did not involve direct combat, as our primary job as a fire support base was to support units in the field with indirect fire. That was our role in the war, our part in the combat.

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