My guess is this chain letter was produced by a military unit Randy served with prior to his tour in Vietnam. The lingo and knowledge indicate this was a medical unit of the US Army somewhere in the Bay Area of San Francisco California. The chain is constructed by glueing individual letters top to bottom.


Dear Randy:

26 May 1969

We are long on paper so thought it a good idea to write you a chain letter. We are always glad to hear from you. You won’t know this installation when you get back. People and things are changing and I will leave the telling up to the writers who come after me. I’ll answer your question about how to speed up your ETS. You may not come through here but all personnel coming from RVN get the Jet treatment. 24 hours is the usual length of time from arrival to departure. You have your medical processed and while that is working there is clothing issue and finance to clear. The only personnel held much longer than that ususally have something wrong that has to be cleared through LGH so stay healthy. Medically there is nothing you can do to speed things up. They don’t normally do separation physicals in your area. Only retirements. You may go through Washington if that is where you are from. You won’t know until you get your orders. Good luck, God bless and God speed.

Erma Howe.

Hi Old Buddy,

We sure do miss your smiling face around here! Moustaches on all, Bermudas, bare feet, sweat shirt all that jazz & got nobody to tease! No body to ball out about our coffee pot being left on all night ho! ho!

There just aren’t any knew cuties coming in lately. And wouldn’t you know Pina had a birthday May 16, and we had a birthday party for him and he didn’t show. so you know we just about smacked him. Monday May 26, was Indy day so, we have a Cho Cake for breakfast. Lots of good news Lt. Johnson got married. Cpt. Bardof from dental married & Erickson’s had a new baby girl.

All of our Medical Captains & Maj. seperate in July and we’ll probably have a party at the Officer Club.

Good Luck & Hurry Back

Birdie Calvin

How are you enjoying your tour. We sure could use a few good medics around here. The place is as busy as usual. Hope you will be out of their soon. I’ll be starting practice in S.F. in July. Hope to see you on your return. Best wishes.

M. Abramson MD


Hurry and get back to the states. We need you back here. We all pray & look forward for the day you be coming back. God Bless you and good luck.

Catherine Wolfe

Dependents Clinic

Hi There


Hi Barnes

Here’s from the whole gang at OAB backing you in your Viet Nam venture

C. Parsons

Hi, Buddy,

This is Sanchez, writing just a few lines. Just to give you, a hard time. I hope you are not having too many headaches over in Nam. So, how’s business over there. They keep you very busy. I just can imagine, specially if you are on a combat area. Anyways, everybody here is very glad to hear from you. I hope you’ll make it back through here so we can give you another look at you. Well Buddy, the best of luck and a happy return.

Sanchez (Pepe)

Amid new and old, cool and groovy, now and wait, stands? totters a middle aged being, with now weak bladder, slightly pouch and arthritis who this summer will go to the high country and sleep under cold indifferent stars. And when those dead ashes from my fire are all that remain I will say some curse or pray for Peace. Peace. Peace.


Hi “Over There:”

We certainly enjoyed hearing from you. How about writing a book when you get back? Glad to know that you were in the right group and escaped injury. I am sure all the Dispensary news has been covered by this time but just had to put in my two cents’ worth to send best wishes and let you know we still miss you. Take care and the best of luck, always.


Nida Packard


Your spending so much time over there your eyes are going to start slanting. Got you a rocket Huh!? Luck



Miss that beautiful mustashe. Hurry back.

Harritte E. Proctor


Hi Barnes!! {hand drawn face with large handle-bar moustache}

I sure miss reading your K.C. paper, it hasn’t come thru here for a long time. Didn’t you pay your Alumni dues?

We haven’t heard a thing from LeGar or Ramsey. I was hoping you would know were to write them.

Letterman’s new hospital is now open, and Pena got sick and had to spend a couple of weeks in it. He was on the tenth floor with a fantastic view of San Fran and the bay area. He had a lot of fun also, TV, and pretty nurses. Pena is now out of the Army and back in Texas. He was really a lot of fun.

The NG is still in Berkeley – People Park is a Big issue. need any magazines? let us know. Mayme quit last Oct and boy do I miss her. Write again soon.

“B is B” Peace.



Well you are just about home things around hear are about the same except a few New faces. our softball team is about the same we have lost 1 and won 1 looks like a good season Maj Abramson bought my car and I am getting a new Road Runner. are you coming through here when you ETS. because if you are you can stay around here for a month till I get out and ride back to K.C. with me because my wife and kids are going to fly home. Well anuf {?} for now back to work

See you in Aug


SP/4 Edward LeGar
RA 18854566
“D” TRP 7/17 Air,Cav.
APO San. Francisco 96262

COMING EVENTS: ETS Maj. McCoy middle of June, Maj. Abramson July, Price in July, Ericson September, LGH takes over the dispensary the 1 July. Mrs. Packard is going on extended leave for 8 months, August. General Conroy retires this month. Maj. Abramson has moved to San Mateo and they are expecting another visit from the stork any day now. The horses are running at Golden Gate fields and you can bet there are a lot of bets with no returns.

Hi my Friend – Good to hear you are with it – waleh ‘Uo weegut {?} Bay- -You were doing well here. – Miss hearing all your aches and pain – Don’t forget to drop by on your way back –

M Sheer RN
May 29

The End