Dear Randy,

Aug 8th

It was so good to hear from you – especially the news that you’r coming home soon.

We hope you will come up and see us soon after you get home. We’ll be expecting a call from you. Are you coming in at S.F. or Travis {Air Force Base}? Travis is really close to us.

We have moved to a bigger place – one block from campus {Davis, California}

See you soon

216 W. 8th St Davis, Calif 916 756 XXXX

PS Maybe we can come down to S.F. one of the weekends or go up to Yuba – whatever you’d like to do. My Parents phone No. in S.F. a new one XXX 333 8426 – You can always leave a message there

Verse or song by Randy included with the letter.



Btry B, oh Btry B It’s lucky for me, I’m from Btry B

Now the Nickel-Duece Arty, has 500 men, Who’s main concern’s the shape they’re in. But the fightin’ they do, is only done by few, And everyone can see, They’re from Btry B!

Repeat Chorus

Oh the road is safe, from here to Tay Ninh, cause we’re worried bout the war, not the shape we’re in, And the road is free, Thanks to Btry B.

Repeat Chorus

O The Straight legs say, We’re only air defense But a man says this, hasn’t got much sense, And you tell me That’s Charlie’s planes we see.

Repeat Chorus