Dear Solly & Tribe,

4 Jan, Sat.

Finally made it. I’m at a field Battery in Cu Chi. This is the Base Camp for 25th Infantry and I now wear the 25th Patch. Can you believe it? Me attached to an Infantry unit – Love it – my own Battery to take care of – my own little Aid Station my own man.

I’m rushed now so will write in next couple of days as I have much news. – One thing the 554th Engineers – another unit here at Cu Chi had their mess hall bobby ? trapped by 100 lb mine – killed 15 & wounded dozens – Ghastly – I saw the remains sick – Did it make papers at home?

Tell you more later – Write Soon


PS Couldn’t get to a phone New Years.

See enclosed flick.

me one day I was leaving to ride shotgun on pictured jeep – Rode with Dr. out to Phu Loy – 1st Div HQ – Look like a real killer don’t I?

Notice “Bush Hat”. That’s what we wear.

Also have opportunity to trade for or steal some camoflaged berets from Vietnamese Rangers – Would you like one? Would anyone else? Take orders & let me know.

FUCK CONFLICT (interpersonal & personal)

PS Are you still giving my letters to everyone to read?