Dear Mom,

4 Jan. Sat

I hope you were’t too worried due to my lack of writing. Sorry I haven’t written lately – just been lazy.

Well I’ve moved out to the field battery but I’m not really in the field. I’m at the 25th Inf. base camp at Cu Chi. Actually the base camp here is better fortified than the other place I was and is twice as large. I won’ be going out on the roads etc. unless I volunteer to, or about once a week when I have to drive back to HQ to pick up supplies – So I’m great – Love it here – I now wear the 25th Inf. Patch “Tropic Lightning”. So you can tell everyone your boy’s in infantry.

We’re about 70 miles south of where I was, or 40 miles S.W. of Saigon

Enclosed is a picture of me one day I was riding “Shotgun” on the ambulance – Notice the “Bush” hat – we all wear those here.

This letter will be short as I have to write everyone & tell them of my change. Will write more tommorrow ? or next day.

SP. 4 Joseph R. Barnes ER 176 26*** B Btry 5th Bn (AW) (SP) 2nd Arty APO San Francisco, Calif. 96353

my new address. Did I tell you I was promoted again – Specialist 4th Class (Same as corporal)

All my love,


PS Almost forgot – Due to the hollidays (tell you about it later) I’m broke again. Please send $50.00 as soon as possible

Love again

Please don’t worry – I’m not Kidding – I’m safer here than I was before.

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