Dear Mom,

WED – 15 JAN 1969

Just a note to say I’m fine.

I received your letter yesterday. I hope I signed the cards okay.

Nothing much new. Some of our Dusters and Quad 50s got hit in an Ambush at Dau Tien Tieng. Guess one Quad was blown right out from under our guys but they didn’t get a scratch. One guy burned his hands on his machine gun so I got to write up my first purple heart – I’m the one who writes up purple hearts for our men.

As to your questions about supplies – we take a 5 ton truck which has sandbags all over the floor of the cab & the bed. (This to take care of mines.) However, since we go over black topped Road most of the way, the possibility of mines is remote. There’s always at least three guys & we don’t slow down for anything. Besides this, there are absolutely no roads in V.N. outside of jungle paths, that the M.P.’s don’t patrol by chopper, and you’re never more than 2 minutes away from another vehicle.

So Much for That.

Quite Safe.

Have you all had snow?



PS I got the money – Thanks

PSS Did you sell my car?

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