Dear Mom, Howard, & Val,

27 Jan – Mon

Nothing much new here. Just thought I’d drop a line & let you know all is well. The weather seems to be getting hotter everyday and I guess it will until the rainy season gets here in March.

Dad sent me a Harmonica for Xmas & I’m really getting good. So good, in fact, I would like for you to send me some more. Take the money from my dough. I would like a Harmonica that’s called a “BLue’s HARP”. Hohner makes them but if you can find a better brand please buy it, as HORNER’S don’t hold up too well. I would like 8 “Blues Harps” – 2 in the key of G – 2 in the key of C – 2 in the key of A – and one in the key of F – Also if you can find an instruction booklet or Harmonica Music Booklet that has “BLUES” in it – I would like that – also popular music (Folk-Rock).

I’ve met a guy who plays great BLUES & he’s teaching me all he knows – The extra Harmonica’s are for him – Please send the above as soon as possible as that is now my number one past time.

Mom, you shouldn’t worry so much about what you read in the papers. – Even if Westmoreland’s right & I doubt that, a new offensive could come anywhere in V.N. not necessarily in my area. And even it if did, the V.C. could never, I repeat, never overrun this place.

Got two letters from you over the weekend. Good.

I did get Uncle Bill’s package and I have written him back.

Glad you sold the car. Howard’s right, you should Keep all the dough.

I’m sending the Bill from K.U. back and would hope that you will send them a Money Order for the Amount Due with a short note telling them I’m very sorry about it being so Delinquent & that I’m in V.N. – That should be the end of all my Bill’s except for the $500 Student loan which I’ll pay when I get home.

I’ll send you another tape as soon as possible.

Give Val my love and the rest of the family.

I’ll be home from V.N. the 24th of Aug. – only 201 days to go till I leave the country (the 17th.)

Glad you liked the pic. I’ll try & send more.

All my Love


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