Dear Mom, Val & Everyone,

12 FEB – Wed

Not really anything much new to write about, everyday is like the other.

One of our V.N. K.P.’s came down with PLAGUE and died. I was pretty busy for awhile. We had to try & determine where she had contracted it and if any of our personel had become infected with it. Many Colonel’s & big shots out here – but all was in great shape.

Our Battery got a big write-up in the Stars & Stripes Newspaper telling about how we kept the Roads open and the Ambushes we had been in.

I was going to send it home but have decided to make a kind of scrapbook and put it in there. You’ll have to wait until I get home.

Not much action lately – Charlie must be laying low – Tet starts the 17th & runs to 21st but we don’t expect the V.C. to do much this year. We’re too prepared and he lost too much last year.

I’ll be sending a box home soon which contains some ARVN Special Forces berets, a periscope from a tank, and a piece of schrapnel from a V.C. 122 m.m. rocket that landed not to far from here (found it on the ground) “War Tropies” heh-heh

My new camera takes great shots. I just got back my first 2 rolls and am sending some to you & some to Dad – You “all” in turn can send them to Bill – But please eventually get those I send to you back.

Have taken a bunch of slides of the countryside which should be back soon – will send them on when I get them.

Our unit was cited for Valor due to an Ambush 2 of our Dusters fought their way out of (up by Dau Tieng) – So now I have a Presidential Citation.

Rainy season will be here in another month & I dread that – Oh well

Thanks for the dough & the clippings I got them a couple of days ago.

That’s all for now,



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