Dear Mom, Val, Howard & All,

22 FEB Sat.

Everyday is just like the one before. It’s very hard to remember what I did the day before yesterday or even yesterday.

Today our Battalion Commander is coming up to our area to inspect us and present awards. Seems so stupid in a War Zone we must have inspections: shine boots, GI the “Hootches”, put our foot and wall lockers in order – Stupid

I got the “HARPS” mom and really appreciate it. I wish you would go ahead and send a book of “BLUES” Music. & I could play from that. – I’m getting pretty good at it.

I had to go with a Convoy, on a Duster, up to a Fire Support Base we have on the Cambodian Border. I had to give shots. The name of the place was FSB Hampton. The countryside was beautiful. The big Rain Forests begin up by the Cambodian border. Starts to get hilly as you move into Highlands. I really enjoyed it – Not much danger.

Well, Tet’s over and nothing happened. I think we’ve uncovered so many weapons cache’s that Charlie doesn’t have much to hit us with.

I took some slides from our truck on the way to HQ for Supplies. Also took a bunch around the camp here. I should get them back before long. I’ll send them along as soon as possible.

Only 174 more days and I’ll be back in the world.

Keep the Faith,


PS Wish Val a belated Happy Birthday for me and tell her I’ll write before long.

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