Dear Mom, Val, & Howard,

12 MAR., Wed

Nothing really new to write about. Just a letter to let you know I’m okay.

Things have been relatively quiet. We had a convoy ambushed yesterday (I wasn’t on it) but we had no casualities.

Our unit has been written up twice in the past 2 weeks. Once for our fighting at Dau Tieng and once for our fighting here at Cu Chi. I’m keeping a Scrapbook so you’ll see them when I come home.

I’ve sent 5 boxes of slides to Dad. I figured it would be easiest to send them to him, then he could send them to Bill, and then on to you. The reason I’m having them sent to you last is because you can keep them for me until I get home. – With each box I sent a short explanation of each slide. You should get them in 2 or 3 weeks (or sooner.)

The Dust & heat is getting worse. Dust is so thick in our motor pool, it’s like deep snow. It comes up over your boots. And when the wind blows it’s murder. Dust is everywhere.

I hope you are staying on your Diet. You need to.

Still haven’t had a chance to see George {?} Send me his complete address.

Don’t know what papers say at home, but this offensive is really not much. Charlie just doesn’t have the firepower or manpower left.

Can’t think of anything to say, so I’ll write later.

I’m fine



PS Only 155 Days to go.

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