Dear Mom,

22 MAR – Sat.

I’ve received all of your letters I think. I get one almost every other day. I’m sure glad you write as much as you do.

Once again, or is it for the first time, thanks loads for those books on HARP especially the one “Blues Harp.” That was exactly what I wanted. Ofcourse, wanted the other ones as well. I want to learn old standards as well as Blues. I am coming along great and can play about 20 tunes as well as “blow Blues” too.

Things are still pretty quiet here. I guess there’s lots of fighting going on all around, but we’re far removed. Our Dusters up in Dau Tieng still catch hell but everything else is quiet.

You asked about my day. Well it’s hard to explain not much to do really.

I have a little Aid Station and I pull sick call from 7:30 until 9:30 everyday. Then I have many small chores: Keep Malaria Pill Roster up to date; inspect mess Hall; inspect Latrines; sometimes pick up supplies; sometimes fly up to Dau Tieng, Tay Ninh or Nuy Ba Dinh & make sure everyone is using Mosquito nets and check shot records; Sometimes ride convoys with Dusters or Quads –

Never really sure – Mainly though, I stay around Btry area & in my Aid Station.

Oh yes, Thanks for the Salami it is great. Don’t think you’ll have to send anymore for a while, this should last.

I hope you take the Dr’s advice and start exercising, and lose some more weight Glad you’ve lost what you did.

Only 145 days to go.



PS Got a letter from Doris & Bill – thank them.

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