Dear Goose and others,


I received your letter, Frank, about 3 weeks ago. Thanks loads for writing. I don’t get many letters from the old Goose gang so I’m happy when I do. – Did get a letter from “CRASH” about 6 weeks ago. – Tell those damn guys to drop me a line or I’ll work ’em over when I get home.

Things here are really getting boring. I’m still running convoys 5 days a week, but even that’s old. Last Mon. we had some contact with Charlie, about a 50 minute firefight, and even that seemed like the same old thing. However, I find myself wishing for action as it gets so bad just riding around.

Even my nights are so repiticious that I’m bored. Everynight I drink about 10 beers watch a movie and hit the rack. – I’ve never drank as much beer in my life as I drink here.

Enclosed two pictures taken with my camera. The dead NVA (North Vietnamese Army Soldier) I sent for Brodecker and Maggot as I know what perverts they are. They’ll probably frame it and hang it in Bro’s bedroom. I took it one morning the V.C. overran part of our perimeter. This particular NVA had a bunch of Demolition charges and charged a Duster trying to blow it up. I got there about an hr. later to treat a guy & snapped the pick.

– The other pick was taken at maingate of Cu Chi as we were waiting to take a convoy to Dau Tieng.

Picture was taken about 2 months ago. Since then the guy on my left, Andy Castelum, was hit with a rocket at Dau Tieng and was evacuated Stateside. I heard from him & he’s got a plastic stomach but he says he’s happy to be home.

I work with a great bunch of guys. When we get in a firefight these guys (18-24) (Kids) really know their stuff. – I feel safe with ’em.

I saw B.C. whip K.U. on T.V. last night (Taped) – K.U. really looked bad – But, it still was a good season.

I miss you all and think of home all the time. I guess my heart will always be at the “Goose”. (And in only 128 days my body will be too)

Write to me Goose people – I don’t get many letters

Are Maggot & Bro still working there? How is Tiny Nasty and Evil doing? Love to get some good old Topeka gossip.

What’s this about Kansas maybe going wet?

Well, I’m tired and must go get my daily quota of beer.

Thinking of Home


PS Was put in for a BRONZE STAR for Valor, but don’t hardly think I’LL get it. I didn’t do anything but get scared.

(hand-drawn Peace sign)

PPS I have a small black & white dog. He rides the roads with us. His name is “BIG HEAD” due to strange physical (and emotional Heh-Heh) stature.