Dear Mom, Val, Howard, and Everyone,


Received a letter from Bill & Doris as well as their Cruise “Paper”? Thank them for me. I’m really too busy right now to write.

My day here is a hectic one. Pull sick call from 7:30 – 9:30. Inspect Mess Hall & latrine, etc. Give shots – Been riding some convoys to Dau Tieng & Tay Ninh but not very much. – Once a Week I fly around and check our men at Fire Support Bases, health, shots, food etc.That’s about all.

Nothing new – No war in our area – I’m really bored – but?

Going to have another party this weekend. Beer & Fried Chicken should be enjoyable.

Everynight we play football after work formation (sand bags)

Read where liquor by the drink passed the House. Will we really have it? Can’t imagine Kansas going wet.

Have you received the slides yet? I hope so.

I bought a new camera. Sold my other one. I bought a 35mm Cannon FL QT. Paid $135.00 for it but it retails in the States for about $325. Love it. Also bought a very good Transistor Radio AM FM and 3 Bands of Short Wave. (Sony)

Need more dough – $80.00 – Am going to buy a turntable. Please send soon.

I’m glad you keep writing as you & Dad are about only people I hear from.

Can’t think of much else to say. I’m fine and in good spirits

Glad you’re losing weight. Keep up the good work.


Randall (hand drawn peace sign)


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