Dear Mom,

Just got your first letter today, the 14th. I was really happy to get a letter.

About the Garry’s thing. I’ve told the Finance office I want to send $150 a month home. I haven’t received a check since I’ve been here even though they owe me a month & a half. I don’t know when you’ll start receiving the $150 a month, but it should be in the next 2 to 3 weeks. – Also I owe K.U. about $150. I should be receiving a bill. Watch for it. Any mail from K.U. that isn’t a bill, please forward.

As far as a notary, there’s not one close here. However, LARRY BRODECKER, who works at the Goose, is a notary and I’m sure if you contact him he’ll do it.

No news, its still hot. I’m in good spirits and not at all depressed.

Give my love to all, and will write again in a few days.



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