Dear Solly & Carla,

Thurs. 10 APRIL

What has happened to you two? You both became paraplegics did you? How’s about a letter.

Nothing much to say really. I’ve seen quite a bit more conflict but it’s getting to be an everyday thing and I can’t get excited enough to tell any war stories now.

Last night I saw B.C. & K.U. play at NIT. K.U. looked really bad didn’t they? They looked like they didn’t even belong on the court with B.C.

How’s school going Richard? I hope you’re able to buckle down and make some grades even if you’re only taking a very few hours.

Got a letter from Bob & Betty {?} a few days ago and I guess they’re going to meet me in San Francisco for a week of “California Dreaming”. Wish you both could come – Bum around S.F. then fly down to L.A. for a few days of Sun & Surf.

Damn can’t wait to be sipping a cold cocktail and contimplating a large rare steak. I’m really gonna do some hard & fast living when I get home. – Only 128 days

Hallelujah —– M????? F????? !

You all had better have the biggest blow out of the century planned for me when I get home (If I make it out of San Fran – it’ll be hard.)

Did you ever get those pictures of dead “GOOKS”? You haven’t written since. – – – Hope you enjoyed them?

Haven’t taken my R & R yet and am still not sure where I’m going. Was going to Australia but now think I’ll go to Hong Kong or Tapei (Formosa)

I’m really getting good on the old “Blues Harp”. I’m a white Jimmy Reed.

Read in the T.D. Capital that liquor by the drink passed the House. Is it true??

All for now


PS Got my first real taste of CS (tear gas) – V.C. shot some at us on a convoy last week – A real bitch Didn’t have my mask with me – I thought I was going to be asphixated.

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