Dear Solly,

12 MAY – Mon.

I wrote a letter to Bob & BA. Hope it gets to their new address. Call Bob & tell him to be sure and get all info I asked for. – Important –

I read you’re on strike. I know you’re loving it. Spending plenty of time in the union and the PLAZA Saloons.

Really enjoyed your last letter. Sorry actually Jimbo is gone, but guess he’ll be back. When was the last time you Saw Reibstein or Roper? Would you try & get their addresses for me?

We were hit last night, but I told Bob all about it so call him.

Damn, Rich, I’m already getting anxious for football season to start again. We’ll be there for every game, right?

Sure looking forward to steaks – tomato beer – ballin’ – real milk – ballin’ – scoth – hot showers – no bugs – ballin’ -scoth – green salads – – – –

When I get home I’m going to drink & eat steak for 2 or 3 weeks.

Please write & ask everyone to – Tell Pat thanks for her letter.



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