Dear Mom,

12 MAY 1969

Sorry I was so delinquent in writing. Just lazy & nothing to write about.

Did you get slides yet? Did you get Mothers Day present? Hope so.

Monsoon’s are here. Humidity is horrible and it’s so hot. I’m just soakin’ wet all the time.

Last night the V.C. attacked Cu Chi but it was just a small ground probe and it was on the other side of the post. We didn’t even get out of bed.

We had “The Graduate” for a movie last night. Did you ever see that? One of the greatest movie’s I’ve seen – I’d seen it before in Berkly.

Hope you manage to get down to the weight you want.

I didn’t know Val was moving. I hope I’m home in time to help her move. Be sure & send her my love.

We killed a Cobra out by the motor pool the other day – Ugly things.

Last Monday I flew in a Chopper up north to a Fire Support Base only one mile from Cambodian border. (We have a searchlight there) Got to see alot of Viet Nam I’d never seen before.

It never ceases to amaze me – I doubt if there’s one sq. mile of V.N. that hasn’t had a bomb or “Arty” shell dropped on it.

Well, ran out of thoughts.

ONLY 95 DAYS to Go.



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