Dear Mom,

16 MAY, 69

Some time in the very near future I will probably send home for $500 or $600. This is to buy all the rest of my stereo equipment. I am not going to take an R&R so I can get what I want.

I should be able to save another $600 or $700 before coming home so I should have maybe $800 in the bank.

I know I should save more but what I can get for $800 here will be worth about $3,000 in the world.

Also, low on dough again. Could you send me $50.00

What would you like from here? I can get almost anything. You save the most on electrical gadgets though – record players, radios, T.V.’s etc – also china – let me know & I’ll buy you what you want.

It’s raining as usual – Hot & stickly.

Tell Bill to send those slides.



PS Mom, I would like a map of Viet Nam like the BIG one I gave to you. The sooner, the better.

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