Dear Mom,

24 MAR – Mon.

A short note on financial matters. I’m going to buy some Stereo equipment this month so would you please send me $120.00 Thanks loads.

Everything quiet and I’m fine. Yesterday we had a big Battery party. Plenty of free beer and Steaks to charcoal. It was really nice for a change.

Weather is still hot – 105-110 everyday. Can’t wait for the Monsoon’s Maybe it will cool down.

Enclosed you’ll find my Army W-2 form for 1968. Keep it with my important papers. I don’t have to file until I come home.

Nothing much new to tell.

Oh, Dad wrote he had received the slides and would send them to Bill soon. You should be getting them in a week or less.

Tell Val and everyone hello, and that I’ll be home in 142 days.

Tell Mike he’d better get with his grades – But, if he doesn’t make it now, it may come to him later as it did me.

Let me know when you get slides? And send the dough as soon as possible

All My Love


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