This is on rear of the envelope.

Dear Mom & Howard,

5 June – Thurs. 1969

Nothing much new. I’ve been out in the field for seven days. We were assisting the Infantry in a Search & Destroy mission. We really didn’t do much. They’d spot fortified positions, bunkers etc., and we’d come in and blow them down with our Dusters. We didn’t even get fired upon once. It was different though – enjoyed it. Eating C-Rations, sleeping on the ground & no bath for a week – Whew! > We were at positions you can find on a map.

First we were about 3 miles N. of Trun LAP, which is about 3 miles N. of Hi-Way 1 between Trang Bang and Cu Chi. We were then about 2 miles south of Fire Support Base Hampton, which is on Hi-Way 1 just 1 mile West of Go Da Hau. (Real close to Cambodian Border.)

As yet I haven’t made Sargent, but am on the list. Should make it this month. Also, I have been put in for an Army Commendation Medal. Probably get it next month.

I’ve stopped my allotment, so you won’t be receiving anymore checks. Will take cash & buy my stereo equipment. That way, the money I have in the bank will stay there. Also, should be able to send home another 3 or $400 before I come home.

Already ordered some speakers & Headphones. They will be sent to you. So, you now know that packages arriving for me are not a mistake.

The picture I bought you cost about $26.00. (This includes shipping) The artist who painted it is Korean and has other works for sale at a shop at Cu Chi. However, most of his paintings are Landscapes, seascapes, and still lifes. Very few of the more abstract paintings like I sent you.

I’ve purchased some Home made V.N. Brooms which are great for a fireplace or for display. Will be sending them & Lil can have one. Also, great amount of silver & ivory jewlery and figurines available as well as brass GONGS, BELLS, etc.

Mom, you mentioned a tape. I could get you one but advise against it. Tape Cassetts have terrible sound reproduction and aren’t much for listening. Would advise a cheaper regular Tape Recorder or better yet, a Compact Model Record Player. With a compact record player you also get a AM-FM Tuner. (Ask Uncle Bill what a Compact is) – Compact vs Console or Components

Records give good sound reproduction and have a greater variety to buy from.

Can get either Compact Record Player or Regular Tape for about $150.00. The extra $50 would be worth it and would be worth approximately $300-$325 in the World. Let me know soon.

Also, have opportunity to buy French Perfumes dirt cheap.

  1. Arpege 1 oz $13.25 1/2 oz $9.50
  2. Lanvin set of four (Arpege, Scandal, Pretext, My Sin) together 1 &1/2 oz’s $17.75
  3. Nuit de Noel (Christmas Night) by Caron 1 oz $17.25 1/2 oz $10.50
  4. Joy by Jean Patou 1 oz $38.25 1/4 oz $16.25 1/6 oz 14.25
  5. a) Mitsouko by Guerlain 1 oz 13.75 1/2 oz 9.50 1/4 oz 7.00 Spray (1/4 oz) 7.50
    b) Shalimar by Guerlain 1 oz 18.25 1/2 oz 11.25 1/4 oz 8.00 Spray (1/4 oz) 8.75
  6. Set of 5 of best Perfumes of Paris 6.75
  7. Set of 10 of best Perfumes of Paris $10.50

If you want any perfume let me know what kind you want and I’ll buy it. Same for Aunt Val.

I included price list encase any of your friends or Aunt Doris or Verta would want some sent.

As you can see there is a great savings.

Got the map. Thanks alot. Now I mark on it everywhere I’ve been & everywhere I go. So, you can see when I get home where all I’ve been.

Hope you have finally seen the slides by now. Hope you like them.

I have about 10 or 15 more boxes to show you when I get home.

Tell Howard if he’d like anything in the camera line, like a zoom or telescopic lens, to let me know. Camera equipment is about 2/3 off.

Well, ran out of things to say. Give Val, Bill, Shirley, & Jeff my love.

only 72 DAYS,



PS China is also about 2/3 off – Fantastic Japanese China very cheap – If you’d like some new, Let me know.

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