Dear Mom,

24 June – Tues

Nothing much new to report, just writing to let you know that I’m fine.

The weather is bad and getting worse all the time. I guess Aug. is the high point of the Wet Season and will I be glad to come home. – If you’re not wet from rain it’s from sweat.

Our whole unit is being switched around. Our Dusters are moving to Fire Support Bases around Cu Chi. Guess I’ll be going out to one. Don’t worry, ain’t much action around here and the F.S.B.’s are as secure, if not more so than Cu Chi. Anyhow, it’ll only be for about four weeks, then I’ll come in and be sent to HQ at Long Bein to start out -processing. (ONLY 53 DAYS LEFT)

Say, did my earphones (small package) arrive with the Speakers? Hope so. Glad you’re keeping my Speakers inside. Meant to tell you to do that. Afraid dirt & temps might mess it up.

Will be sending home rest of Stereo Equipment the first of the month. Take good care of it please.

When I come home, I plan on spending about a week in Calif before I come to Kansas. I feel like I ought to spend a little time with Dad. But, I’ll be home as fast as possible.

You never did say how you liked the pictures? Did you? I thought they turned out fairly well.

Did rest of family get to see them? I’ve got a bunch more to show.

Will pick up some hand-carved ivory figurines for Lil. Dirt cheap.

Heard Salina was pretty hard hit by tornado. Hope none came close to Topeka.

Dreaming about real beds, home-cooked food, scotch and BROADS.

See you in about 7 or 8 weeks.



PS Tell Val I send my Love and give my best to the family.

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