Dear Mom,

29 June, Sun.

Got your letter marked 24 June. Boy, you’re trying to keep me over here longer than I am supposed to stay. Today is the 29th and I only have 48 days.

Just got word another change was made. We’re not going to Fire Support Bases, but will remain here at Cu Chi per usual. Don’t Worry.

Guess you read about fighting in Tay Ninh City and Fire Support Base Crook. Some of our guys in it. Came out without a scratch. (Not including me, still seating around Cu Chi waiting to come home.)

Mom, I want you to send me $350.00. I must order the rest of the things I want at least 6 weeks before coming home. Won’t be able to wait for payday in July. I’ll send you $300 back out of July pay. Please send money just as soon as possible because it is quite important.

Sorry your flowers aren’t doing so well but glad the tomatoes are. I haven’t had any good tomatoes since I’ve been here. We have tomatoes that we buy from the “Gooks”, but they’re always green.

The Book you were talking about is “The Illustrated Man.” Had always meant to read that. Had no idea that is was that book you’d read so long ago.

Weather’s cooled off a little due to all the rains.

Thanks for clippings from the paper. It made all the newsreels and papers here.

That’s all for now

Please send dough soon & Please make it a POSTAL MONEY ORDER.



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