Dear Solly & Carla,

8 JULY Tue

Solly that was a wonderful newsy letter you wrote me, even if you did take a month or two, to write it. I hope you are more punctual in answering this one, as I’ll already be home if it takes more than 4 weeks. (ONLY 39 DAYS-TODAY)

I loved all your descriptions of parties, fuck-ups etc. You write quite a good letter.

Paul had already written me about Dick & his jount to S.F. Really a gasser. Laughed my ass off.

Can’t do any good on that camera for your dad now. It would have to be special ordered through the PX and that would take 2-4 months (maybe 6.) There is also a Pacific-Mail-Order Catalog that takes about 4 weeks but that would be cutting it real close. If you’d only let me know a month sooner. I did find the listings in my catalog for the following items

  1. Konica Auto-Reflex T (FTA) with 57mm F:1.4 lens & case $147.50
  2. The above with 52mm F::1.8 lens & case $122.00
  3. Konica F2.8, 35mm, Automatic (050mm),with hood and leather case $54.50
  4. Konica Angle-Finder II $11.50

Tell you what I will do. I will make arrangements with a good friend here to order through him, as there will probably be some other things I would like to order. Then – when I get home – I’ll show your Dad the catalog.

Today, B-52’s are bombing not more than a mile & a half from here & its a nerve wracking bitch. I’ve never been that close to those 500-1000 lb bombs. The buildings shake, so does the ground, and people have been having bloody noses all day. (Concusion). If its like this at 1 &1/2 miles, I’d hate to be under one.

I’m still on Search & Destroy missions. Two days ago we uncovered an arms & rice cache. (VC) Wish I could have gotten away with a VC weapon to bring home – Did get some groovy flicks.

Guess I’ll be going back into Base Camp (Cu Chi) in about 2 weeks, as my replacement will be here. Can’t Wait. I’m really getting jumpy now. Afraid every shot or explosion has my name on it. That’s what happens when you get short.

Be sure and tell Allen M. hello. It was great to hear he’s back & will be there for awhile. Really like that guy. Tell him I’m really becoming a virtuoso on the HARP & we’ll get together – Is he living in K.C. or Lawrence?

Solly why don’t we get a big party going for when I get back. Invite to Lawrence group & Topeka – a little champagne

There’s nothing I would like more. I should be in Topeka and/or K.C. on the 31st or the 1st of Sept.

Got a feeling this is going to be the greatest fall ever. Hate it that P.V. has to leave.

Does Carla dig hand carved ivory figureines (sp) or solid silver jewlry etc? I’ll bring her some if so – also groovy gold & silver (solid) “gadget” bracelets. ( Can’t think what you call em – have little replicas of stuff on em)

Sounded like your Memorial Day was kind of a Bust. How was the 4th?

Where’s Hexer living? I haven’t heard from them for quite awhile.

Just Remembered


All for now-

Write soon


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