Dear Mom, & Val & Howard,

12 July – Sat.

I’ve ordered my turntable and its component parts. Should be about 2 or 3 boxes from United Audio. Also ordered my Receiver from Scott International which will also be probably 2 boxes. Please let me know when they arrive.

I did get the money order, Thank you. I’ll be sending a $300 money order back to you around 28 or 29 July. What do I have in the bank now? (about $300 ?) – I want to have at least $600 in the bank when I get home. –

Plan to live in K.C. and continue to work at Fisher Body and at same time finish up my college.

Guess what? Today I walked smack dab into a guy I know from the Goose. He was coming off guard duty and I was on my way to breakfast. He’s from a different unit & was just walking through our area. We ran into each other & couldn’t believe it. At first I was so shocked I couldn’t think of his name. Still can’t think of his first name as we always called him by his last name, Popeck. I think it was Tom.

Anyhow, we’re going to get together tonight & drink beer & dream we’re back at the Goose –

You might call Larry Brodecker or Frank & tell them about my meeting Popeck.

Only 35 days to go. I should get my orders in a few more days. I’ll let you know.

Did I tell you that Bob & Betty Newton and Paul Villar are going to meet me in San Francisco? Well they are. Play around there a few days, then go down and see Dad. Should be in Topeka no later than a week after I arrive in S.F.

I bought you & Val & Lil some hand carved figures from Phillipines. Will also buy some Viet Nam stuff.

Things pretty dead here. Just waiting to come home.



PS The House sounds real nice. Can’t wait to see it.