Dear Mom,

3 Aug, Sat.

Got your letter about your fallout with Lil. I’d hate to see old friends parted for such a small thing – However, if your friendship was about ended anyway, guess it doesn’t matter.

You know Sarah was a special kind of chick. She did sleep with almost anyone, and did have some problems. But we had a very free & rewarding relationship and she was such a truly honest and beautiful person, everyone loved her.

Morally I guess she didn’t fit in Topeka, but she was truly a wonderful person. So, where she slept was her business. Just to know Sarah was a reward. She made everyone that came in contact with her, HAPPY. ENOUGH.

I can’t remember whether I sent that deal about my driver’s licenses home or not. I looked for it the other day, but couldn’t find it.

Doesn’t matter anyhow – Your license can’t expire if you’re in the service.

Well I’m breaking my replacement in now. Monday I’m taking him around to the field positions. That’ll take about 3 days – then – I’ll turn the Aid Station over to him & relax for my last 10 days in V.N.


Got you & Val all kinds of “doodads” & trinkets.

Bob N. will be coming by the House to pick up some clothes to bring to Calif. with him. (He and Betty Ann are going to meet me) 1. Belt – alligator 2. Shoes – Brown loafers 3. Shirts – 3 – Blue long sleeve, White long sleeve, Stripped long sleeve

Guess that’s all!

Don’t write to me after Monday the 11th as I probably won’t receive the letter.

Everything great here – Happy as hell and can’t wait to see you all.

Give Val & Bill & Shirl my love ____________________



(hand drawn peace sign.) Flowers cannot grow in the shadow of guns.

PS Mom I think it’s silly to worry about Ginger being there. It’s almost crimminal hoping she isn’t. She hasn’t seen her father for so long. It might be fun. I can sleep with Gary Magathan who still lives with Tim Lyle’s mother – (In the basement where I used to live) So don’t worry – everything’s okay –

NO SWEAT G.I. (Know the above worded “funny” But couldn’t change

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