Dear Mom & Everyone,

Sun, Nov 23
Got your letter (Tues. Nov 19) and thought I would dash off a quick note. First, don’t send the Bermudas – just tennis shoes, levis & sweat socks.

I’ll answer the questions you asked.

Yes we have English radio broadcasts. There is one ARMY Station that broadcasts 24 hrs a day. They play all different kinds of music, give sports, weather, (both at home and here) news etc. (actually there are 3 stations I forgot,1 AM & 2 FM. – We also have T.V. supplied by the Army. T.V. starts at 2:00 PM & goes off at 11: PM – Mainly reruns off old T.V. programs. Mission Impossible, etc.

We get our everyday supplies at the PX. Every Army camp, almost even in V.N. has some kind of a PX. If you’re in the field, they have special Field rations containing soap, cigarettes, razor blades etc. We can also buy smokes at the PX.

The only recreation we have is an Enlisted Men’s club that sells beer and a swimming pool. Both are dumps. The EM club is a metal building (roof) with screened sides, and cement floor. The pool is a hole in the ground lined with rubber.

There is a place where you can check out footballs or baseballs, but it’s too hot.

I’m supposed to have Sunday’s off. But since TET is coming soon, we spend half of Sun improving our defenses – sandbags, stretch barbed wire etc. Starting next Sun we will get the whole day off.

I go to work 7:00 & get off at (about) 6:30.

This morning I took the ambulance and went out to a demonstration firing of our new weapon “the VULCAN”. Guess who showed up – General Abrams himself. (I hope you know who he is, but if not he’s the Supreme Commander in V.N. I stood about 20 ft from him. Just another GI.

Nothing much new – oh there’s a hurricane off the coast of V.N. & it has cooled the weather down – about 75 degrees today (that’s cold).

All my love


PS Loved Bill’s Xmas present – please send me his address.

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