Dear Mom, Val, & Family


Just a short note to let you know that I received my Xmas presents. I was so happy to get them. The candy was great and everyone here liked it too. I’m saving the cheese for myself only.

I certainly appreciate the toilet articles. I’ll use them. Just a word though. Where I am now, I can buy my own toilet articles. As I don’t have much room I won’t need anymore. Tell Val I’ll use everything you both sent. – Also, I got your letter & newspaper today. I it was nice to read the old Capital.

My address is still the same and as soon as it changes I’ll let you know. You can keep writing to this address.

Glad Larry notarized the title.

Please send Bill’s address and I’ll write. I’m certainly sorry about Jeff. Wish there was some thing we could do.

Thanks so very much for Xmas presents. It made me feel closer to home.

All my Love,


PS I just found out I may get some dough tomorrow or next day. So, hold off sending any money. I’ll write you again if I need it.

PS I now have plenty of Kool-Aid thanks for all you sent but won’t need any for awhile. I’ll let you know.

PPS I hate to ask but due to a mix-up in my records I still haven’t been paid. Don’t know how long it will be. Please send $30.00 by money order. I’ll repay as soon as I get paid – Love Again.

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