Audio Tape, (58 minutes)

Wil Esplin recorded this tape in 1972. The later part of the tape is an audio diary but the tape begins with him recalling the early months of 1972, of the battle for Kontum. I missed where the change happened but it is possible the first part is recorded over a prior recording of a audio Diary; I guess the diary was recorded in late 1971.

He covers dealing with Vietnamese military and civilian leaders and states his opinions freely. He spent nights in small hamlets and ate the food eaten by locals; some strange stuff. Wil is a keen observer of the locals and admits being dependent on translators to speak with them but tries to walk in their shoes. He worked with the legendary Civilian Advisor John Paul Vann and has a picture of him in his photo gallery on this site.

The battle for Kontum is the main subject covered in the tape. In 1972 Kontum was hotly contested, many small and large battles were fought. The Central Highlands have been a key position in the battle plans for all sides, starting with the French and continuing until the war ended in 1975.

Recorded in 1972 the tape contains an after action battle report done from memory and talks about his dealing with the Vietnamese military and the local civilian government. This is a large file and may load slowly