The information about these medals is my understanding a translation reported to me in broken Vietnamese/English. The last three are Vietnamese Bronze Stars for courage in the Kontum region during February 1973, awarded by three different levels of government. The gold bordered award is a unique creation ordered by the Commander of all the Vietnamese Military. It is for valor and one of a kind.

Four medals given to Wil Esplin by the Vietnamese Army and copies of the papers awarding the medals.

David Durian provided the following translation:

Chris, this is the certificate that comes with the Honor Medal. I translate: The Joint General Staff of the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces Following decision Number 179/QDII/TQT/QD/DDBT on 02.6.72 Willard B. Esplin- Lieutenant Colonel – 241.74.3920 – US armed forces Is rewarded first class Honor Medal For sincere and zealous help to the Republic of Viet Nam Armed Forces This certificate is delivered to attest. Endorsement number 249. Postal Zone 4. 579. on 02/06/1972 General Cao van Vien Head of JGS RVN armed forces Brigadier General Nguyen Van Toan Commander Army Corps II and Military district 2