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My Vietnam – All Stories

Getting There

Trip to Vietnam I heard during my tour the difference between a fairy tale and a war story is that one starts with “Once upon a time” and the other with “This is no shit!” I’m not sure these were the exact words, but it hits a central truth, which will be central to you while you read my book. I also believe there are multiple types of war stories. There are ones that are so often chosen for the news, TV shows and movies relating the death, destruction and other true horrors of war. For those who haven’t served in a war zone, those images are what they naturally revert to. But there was another side to serving in a war zone, and it [...]

Malaria Pills

Deadly diseases were common in Vietnam, and malaria was rampant. Any mosquito could be a carrier, and we had an excess of them. One fine day we were dropped and driven into a swamp for [...]

Drinking Water

Vietnamese water, ice made from it and vegetables and fruit washed with it were considered contaminated and should not pass our lips. Twenty-fifth Division Engineers supplied our water, and they said it was safe, but [...]

Our trip North

Our tank and APC escorted and protected convoy moved briskly west from Tay Ninh toward Cambodia, throwing up a dust cloud as we passed through open rice-paddy country and into an area that had been [...]

Mud and Dust

Tay Ninh’s weather consists of two seasons, wet and dry, but for us the seasons were better named mud and dust. They split the year fairly evenly, and change in seasons was gradual during both [...]

Letter Bombs

Dear John letters set off wild, erratic and dangerous behaviors and were among the most destructive explosive devices in Vietnam. A Dear John letter is one from a soldier’s soon-to-be ex-wife or girlfriend informing him [...]


You may be wondering why an entire chapter on trash would be included. And, I will admit that had I not been in the Vietnam War, that would have been my first reaction as well. [...]


Zero. It’s not often in life that having nothing is a desire, much less an outright obsession. But in Vietnam, it was the most sought-after goal of every soldier, the beacon of light at the [...]


Everything grows in Tay Ninh. The area is a large greenhouse, with near-perfect growing conditions for most plant types. Inside a firebase, weeds were walked on, driven on, doused with various toxic weed killers, cut [...]

Money Matters

Get your pay; get your shots. The first day of each month an officer was designated Pay Officer and handed a briefcase filled with cash and our pay records. But before you were allowed to [...]

C-Ration Pizza

During most of my tour, eight months or 21,168,000 seconds, our staple fare was 1943 packaged C-Rations until they were replaced by the 1968 Series in March of 1969. Thirteen basic meals were the total [...]


How many of those suckers did I fill during my Vietnam vacation? Too damn many to count – literally tens of thousands! But sandbags are a soldier’s friend, and they protected us, so I bear [...]

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